Our team will be traveling to Honduras the week of February 22 - March 1, 2019. 

Our goals this trip are to host a Pastor's Conference and a Women's Bible Study.  

Please be in prayer for the ones teaching and the ones who will be receiving the message.  

​May we all be changed for the glory of God!




Some things that are needed for the Honduras trip are:

Beach Balls

Jump Ropes


Ball Pumps with Needles



Donations for Bibles


Please make sure that any product donated is NOT presented in a camouflage pattern.  

You may place your donations in the "trunk" located in the foyer of the Sanctuary or at the church office. 

The Online Giving site is also available for use to donate for Bible purchases and overall donations for the trip.  Key your donation on the "Other" line on the site and key the description as "Honduras Donation".

Hondoras 2019